All products ordered through this website are made especially for you in London.

So: before you finalize the order, always check that you have the correct choose size and version.

In principle it is not possible to return an item; this is only possible if something has been produced incorrectly. If there is an error or if you have another problem, please contact us within 14 days via the contact form or in response to the confirmation email you have received. Also send a photo. We will do everything we can to find a solution!

Ordering through this website means you agree to these terms.


All products are always handmade and there may be human error. In most cases, the London Quality Control Department will identify the defects and ensure that the product is completely OK before it is shipped to you. However, in the rare event that something is wrong with your order, we would like to hear from you immediately. We will contact you to resolve the issues.

We only accept returned goods that are sent by registered mail. The return costs are initially for your account. When we have checked the product and it turns out to be incorrect, you will of course get this amount back from us.